Day 0


2020 is the year where many people are finding that they have more time on their hands for various obvious reasons. I've recently learned that a particular habit of many successful persons include writing. Now whether that's specific to journaling or blogging I don't think it's important but personally I wanted to pick up blogging as a first steps. My goals for this blog are:

  • Get better at writing in general
  • Share things, personal and technical

These are my initial goals but eventually I'd love to expand on stuff like:

  • Product reviews or unboxing
  • Food discoveres or trials
  • Just stuff I want to share with everyone

I have very fond memories of building websites on Geocities, Asian Avenue, Xanga, or most familiar MySpace. My idea is to bring back nostalgic features such as hit counters, music player, guest book, top 8, and many more to name a few. I'd love this to be a fun and interactive experience where people can come and not only connect with me but also learn a thing or two.


I appreciate you taking time out of your day to read to some of my thoughts, hopefully this will grow into something spectacular and I can make some friends along the way.

- T